Green business

Brand development, storytelling, digital brochure, website, photography
3D visuals by Forma Disseny

We were required by Glenwell Group to further develop their existing project brand, and create the storytelling for this unique 4 building office campus in central 22@.

The challenge was to create a single unitary identity and sense of place for 4 independent buildings, separated by a public street, and ranging from new-build office buildings to renovated historical warehouses.

With a strong brand presence, the leasing tools focus was on the versatility and choice of inspirationally designed environments and office spaces, connected by landscaped outdoor terraces and the green areas which gave the development its name.

An ecosystem of inspiration

Green Business District combines and concentrates the best of Barcelona, from its timeless architecture to its passion for innovation and its sense of community.

Spaces are inspired by people – and designed to inspire them. In turn, those people enhance the spaces themselves.

Arriving at Green Business District means more than getting to work. It means stepping into a motivating environment powered
by quality of life.