We are denkss: a creative marketing agency specialising in the property sector


denkss understands the property world; we work daily with investment funds, leading private sector developers, brokers and public sector regeneration agencies on landmark projects: business parks, shopping centres, logistics warehouses and premium residential developments.


It’s much more than location messaging. We reimagine public space in shopping centres and retail malls, reconnecting them with their target audiences, and develop the storytelling strands for new-build business campus brands putting the focus on communities, assets, amenities, culture, and lifestyle.


We work with cities, regions, and strategic urban regeneration projects to attract inward investment, development, and end-users. For the consumer market we build the story and design the marketing collateral to boost public interest in visiting, and ultimately spending in hospitality or investing in property.     

A selection of our most recent work on property, places, and destinations

pearson gardens

girona 34

casa burés

green business district

selvamar business campus

dmoura business campus

casa grases